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Mortal Kombat Icon Contest!


Hey, we finally hit over 100 members, and I think it is time to celebrate! I'd like to thank all of you for making this community a kommunity! And a bad ass one at that. ;) So, as my thank you..I will be hosting a ICON contest. The winner of the contest will receive prizes and will have the icon posted on the kommunity.

1.) You may submit as many icons as you wish, but remember that quality is better than quantity. :)
2.) The icon can have anything MK related on it. However, text is acceptable if it is related to the icon or kommunity in any way. Like "MKK" (Mortal Kombat Kommunity) or "MK6" somewhere on the icon would be just fine.
3.) All submissions must be in either .jpeg, .gif, or .png format. (I prefer png because the quality is a lot better.)
4.) The sizes do not matter as long as its uploadable on Livejournal. It can be either animated, transparent, whatever. Just as long as its no bigger than 40kb and no bigger than 100x100 in dimensions.
5.) The icon doesn't have to be MK6 related, but it is preferred. I understand that there is still a lack of decent pictures from MK6, so make due what you can. :P
6.) To submit an icon, you can either send it to me by AIM (Dokuza). I'm usually on all the time. Or e-mail. Or, you can host it and post it yourself, which is acceptable as well. is a great image host, and easy to use. Post your icon on this thread, please.
7.) The deadline will be August 25th, starting now, giving you 3 weeks.
8.) Only members from MKK can submit icons, no outsiders allowed.

If I do not get more than 8 icons submitted, I will not host the contest. I encourage a lot of members to try and submit anything they can. Do not be discouraged, do not be afraid, don't be lazy, just try. You never know, I might really like yours and pick it. :P And don't be offended if I don't pick yours. I'm very fair and I will usually say why I didn't pick something.

So this is what you've been waiting for huh? Well, the awards are pretty simple. I'm not entirely rich or anything, plus I need to get myself around to buy this community a paid account for a year :p However here goes:

1st Place: 6 months paid account time w/extra icon space for 2 months. (50 Icons)
2nd Place: 2 months paid account time w/extra icon space for 2 months.
3rd Place: 2 months paid account time.

All winners will receive an "award" banner created by me to put in your user info to show off. :D, the winners' names will also be displayed on the kommunity's user info.

Well, I hope you all participate! I'm really anxious to see some stuff from you guys. And thanks again for being part of the kommunity. :)

Any questions?
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